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Spoiled pony — 2 Comments

  1. I dunno what was in the water, but this past week has been really irritating for just about everybody I know. Hope you get/got a good ride to make up for it!

  2. Alas, not yet, but my continuing failures should make for entertaining reading if nothing else. Town fair/parade/etc (difficult if not impossible to access barn when I tried this morning, having completely forgotten), so aborted early barn mission; when trying to look timing up for the parade, discovered that this is the Civil War Reenactment weekend, complete with cannons, twice today/tomorrow and once Monday. So I think it's good I didn't make it to the barn.. because I don't think I would have stayed on for the cannons.

    My texts to a friend ended in 'argh' yesterday, 'Argh!' this morning, and then 'ARGH!!!' on the reenactment discovery two minutes later. That should take care of my bad news coming in threes now, right?