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“Any horse can do a 25”. — 2 Comments

  1. There is a little Icelandic pony out here competing 25s. Her/his rider has struggled a little at first but has learned to go for cooler weather riders (to help with pulsing down) and picks a nice little 5-6 mph gait and just goes down the trail. They finish and I've definitely cheered them on before.

    You're right about that a 5 mph trot is not normal. Doing a year and a half of endurance I'd developed Rose's trot from 4-5 mph to 8-9 mph and no trail rider ever wanted to ride with me. Now in lessons I'm having to retrain my horse to go slower for lessons as apparently zipping around the arena at 9 mph isn't liked by your instructor… but the slow work builds good muscle.

    What region are you in, just curious.

  2. West region! We're out in California.

    Slooooowly building up that trot speed here. I think I can probably get 7-8mph riding with folks that trot that fast, but my options there are ridiculously limited, so we're currently settling for a sustained 6 on flats. Someday, pony, someday.

    My theoretical next horse is either an Icelandic or an Arab. I've never actually ridden either, so… I love the look of the gaits, though, and in theory it seems it would be lot like riding a gaited Haffie.