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Looking back, looking ahead: conditioning — 8 Comments

  1. I just don't count the slowest rides as conditioning anymore. If I get Dixie to do hill sprints once a week and go out for a 10+ mile ride once a week, I consider her fitness goals accomplished. Anything else – jogging her in hand, or riding with my barn friends, or just walking the shortest loop while we daydream – is "fun," i.e. "why I got a horse to begin with." 🙂 Your plan sounds fine to me!

  2. As I try to ramp up my LD training and being a total noob to this sport 🙂 I wanted to ask: how short are your short & fast rides? How long are the long rides? Just to have an idea. My rides have been varying between 4 and 8 miles in length (about 20-30 miles a week average) but I need to really start adding more structure. I'm hoping to do our first LD in April.

  3. Exactly – I figure they count towards total mileage (since they're usually 6-8 miles, just.. slower) but not towards conditioning work. It does the pony good to know she has to rate slower part of the time!

  4. Welcome welcome! This is the sort of post that makes my head happy with the numbers. I know Hannah and Mel have both written conditioning-type posts (Hannah more recently, Mel probably 6 months back) where I stalked the comments constantly. I almost sound like I might know what I'm doing sometimes, here!

  5. Short rides are quite short – anywhere from 1-3 miles, since that's where our flat section ends and hill work starts. I'd qualify long rides as 8+ miles, or 2+ hours, and looking at it I honestly don't do too many of those – maybe 1-2 a month? 6-7 is our average little loop that I mentally give myself 1h30min to do, so it doesn't feel long, just boring! I can add a few miles with various detours, but haven't been..

    Hum. I need to look at that. I'm not really counting most of our 4-8 mile rides as real WORK at this point, since they're our regular ol' loops, unless we're doing them at speed. This is why I track the rides.. let me actually look at that tonight and scribble some more numbers out to give you useful data. I'm not sure why I didn't include those in the post.

  6. Finally written! I hope that helps a bit more with context. We've reliably sped up after each LD, since Fetti offers speed at the LD/week after that I didn't know she was capable of. My mental pony-speed-baseline has to get reset to a higher level after every ride, if that makes sense.