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Lesson learned: longe first! — 2 Comments

  1. Ugh, sorry to hear you had a rough go.

    When she's being naughty going home, do you have steering and a reasonable amount of space? I know the make-'em-listen-and-go-slow-or-stop approach is popular, but I have never liked it; I find circling and doing figures ad nauseum (and then continuing in the original direction of travel when and for as many steps as they're pleasant about it) to be much more effective and horse-friendly.

  2. Space, yes, usually. Steering, sometimes! If I can get her nose pointed the opposite direction of where she wants to go, it's a pretty effective halt. I did try that a few times yesterday and may try incorporating that more often. I like the concept!
    I'm mostly asking for a walk because I know she has sense enough to walk politely 99% of the time (at least if in front, which is where our issues lie with this). As long as I have brakes and semi-steering, I can settle for just about any speed in the right context, but our brakes have been broken a few times lately and that scares me a bit.