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Fear and training gaps — 1 Comment

  1. Does it make any sense if I say that there’s no contradiction between your desire for forward and your desire for brakes? Balking and running off are both the same problem; the issue is rideability. And it is, unfortunately, true that being willing to negotiate with the horse – or worse, pony! – does tend to inspire the horse to think all cues are negotiable. Constant compromise isn’t a relationship; it’s a hostage situation.

    I’m a huge fan of horses that think for themselves and I’m even a fan of intelligent disobedience. But I figure the horse earns that privilege by demonstrating good judgment as well as an understanding of the aids and a willingness to play on my team. I am less of a fan of freelancing. *g*

    I know where I’d start, but mileage varies. Dropping your trainer a line sounds like a good first step. Good luck with it!