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Specialized Saddle fitting comments — 3 Comments

  1. Great post!

    I am running 3/4" pads with one tiny shim for D's right shoulder. I've got more play in her shoulders than you do in Fetti's, but D's got that huge walker stride so I think she needs room to rotate her shoulders. I will probably crupper for VC/Tevis but I don't use one regularly anymore.

    I found that the longer the saddle kept working for me (A's for back, no soreness in the days after a ride) the less I worried about whether it was fitted properly. If I can do 50s and 100s, and she's not sore, that's the proof in the pudding?

  2. I have the exact same problem with Comanche! Everything seems to run into his shoulders and/or is too tight in that area. Right now I am using an old 1950's western saddle, which seems to do the trick. It's heavy as heck, but I think it will work until I can afford something else:)

  3. My previous saddle is a no-name probably-Arab-tree endurance saddle. Full leather, clunky, Western-style. First saddle I ever found that really works with her shoulders since it flares out. If it fits, heavy can be manageable šŸ™‚