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March recap and April goals — 2 Comments

  1. Oh, Fetti. Glad the last big ride was a good'un! What rein set-up are you using with the combo bit? (I've finally gotten to try one, like it lots for the intended purpose, definitely want two reins and haven't decided yet what my "curb" rein should be.)

  2. I'm actually just using one rein on the second ring. She objects to the ratio of bit-to-nose pressure on the first ring, and I'm figuring if I need to drop to the third ring for a ride, I'll try it. Also.. I am not sufficiently coordinated to haul on the second rein when I need it, and I'm not convinced it'll make an awfully big difference for her. Pony seems happy enough with me riding on a fairly loose rein 90% of the time, picking it up for half-halts, letting her go again. I'm just hoping I don't break her responsiveness to other bits in the process!