Homeride storyMount Diablo: Open NATRC ride


Mount Diablo: Open NATRC ride — 4 Comments

  1. Woohoo! It sounds like a good LD30, and I think you've definitely got a shot at a 50 if you want to try one. (About like me doing a hundred on Dixie – no guarantees, but not an unreasonable goal!)

    What a great description of riding through a burn. I've ridden some very old burns, and of course you remember the road to Robinson Flat goes through the '08 burn. It IS an eerie moonscape. I do love it – sad for the destruction, but all the new growth that comes back is cool.

    Great shots, great story! Happy to get to help you two!

  2. What lovely countryside and wow, the burned areas are striking even in the pictures — I remember a fraction of that feel from hiking through controlled burn areas in Illinois and can only imagine how much more unsettling it is given a larger and scarier fire.

    Western-pleasure jogging for miles sounds dreadful. LOL But what a good Fetti to be rateable and hurrah for the opportunity to take lots of pictures! Sounds like a nice outing and a useful conditioning ride. Hope the funny steps were just One Of Those Things and not foreshadowing; so hard not to second-guess that kind of thing, but if the horse seems good, what can you do?

  3. Honestly, it was an incredibly comfortable little 4mph western jog! Incredibly frustrating, but totally comfortable to sit. She was first trained as a western horse and occasionally remembers how to do such things, LOL.

  4. Go you two for getting out there and doing it even though all of the idiosyncrasies weren't quite your cup of tea. Its great that Fetti was so forward and happy and not tired through it all, though no bueno that you had to hold her back. Still, you've done well by her if she had so much gas in the tank at the end!

    Also, it excites me to see that last photo where a car the size of mine is pulling a trailer SO MUCH BIGGER than mine. Smart? Probably not, but makes me feel more comfortable using an atypical vehicle to pull a trailer!