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May recap, June goals — 3 Comments

  1. Hey, if your horse is thriving on the mileage, it's not too much! And it doesn't sound like she's got any symptoms of being worn down – no mystery illnesses, no puffy legs, good attitude, and she looks great!

  2. Just found your blog and was wondering: when you say that your canter is better in dressage boots, what do you ride in normally? When I met my current trainer, she told me to switch from rubber boots to Blundstones and half chaps as it would help my heel position. Now that I have been riding almost three years, I am starting to think about buying leather boots, so if that could potentially improve my riding, all the better. 😉

  3. Hiking shoes – sort of a hiking boot/tennis shoe cross that ends up leaning more towards tennis shoes. I'll probably go back to Ariat Terrains when I wear these out by the end of the year. I *just* realized, though: I don't ride in the dressage saddle in those shoes since they're lacking a defined heel. My endurance saddle has stirrups with a wider footbed. Perhaps my heel doesn't go down quite as well in those?

    I started in paddock boots and half chaps, then switched to leather tall boots, and when I went full-time trail rider switched back to short boots/shoes & half chaps. Originally I was a hunter/jumper rider, so tall boots were standard! Perhaps because of how I broke them in years and years ago, and the muscle memory that goes along with them, my heels seem to just 'drop' in the tall boots in a way that they don't in other shoes.
    Next scientific experiment: tall boots in endurance saddle!

    Would definitely recommend leather tall boots, I'm pretty fond of mine 🙂