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  1. Is she usually like that with new horses?
    Shy gets along with other horses really well, but there was one mini that Jaime had for a short time that Shy hated. It is so weird how they pick and chose who they like. Hopefully they can work things out so Confetti gets better!

  2. Most of her neighbors have been geldings! There's not a lot of turnover at the barn, so things don't change much. The one mare neighbor she had was 10 years her senior and cowered when Fetti threatened to beat her up. Once they went into heat simultaneously, they were *best friends*.
    She can be a snarky b*tch though, and did some not-so-kind things to another Haffy gelding she disliked some years back, but for the most part I tend to consider her polite with other horses. Just not at the moment 🙁

  3. Ohhh, poor bitchy mare. Uh, might as well try some Mare Magic (not that expensive) or generic raspberry leaf (even cheaper)? I got some from, then got pregnant and haven't been feeding it regularly enough to know if it's made a difference, but shit it was like $14 shipped for a big 1-lb bag.

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