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  1. Q has yet to pee on trail during a 50. She's completed three so far. She'll pee in camp. But not even at the checks at every ride. Usually when we're all said and done she takes time to pee. She'll tank up on water like a pro, but she just doesn't deign to pee until its over. I know she'll go if she absolutely HAS to, so I haven't worried much about it and it's working out so far!

    I think you're ready if you maintain your level of fitness. You've just got to take the leap and try for it to really find out. It's scary as hell the first time, but so totally doable and so totally worth it!

  2. Huh. That is reassuring! Fetti has half-quit on me on the trails a few times now because she needs to pee but isn't willing, but she's *also* actually started to occasionally pee on the trail, so.. hm. I am much happier knowing that actual 50-mile horses have the same sort of problem.

    Thank you!!