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FAQ: Can a Haflinger do endurance? — 4 Comments

  1. This is a good post for anyone with an off breed in any sport to read. I know I feel that way. Connor is always going to be a square peg in an almost-but-not-quite square hole. He'll do what I want him to, but never win Rolex.

  2. You might as well have a blog, because everybody's going to recognize and remember you on your weird and distinctive horse. 😉

    Another thing to remember is that most of us don't need or want a superbly gifted horse that can do Grand Prix-equivalent work in a given discipline. It's more fun, not to mention cheaper (yes, non-horsey SO's, we could spend even more money than we do) to have an all-rounder.

  3. I am a huge proponent for Haflingers and their ability to do anything and do it well. But it would have to be the right Haflinger. And overall, it just depends on the goals the rider has for the horse they chose for their discipline.
    I really liked your answers 🙂