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Same trails, but never quite the same — 5 Comments

  1. I have trail access too, isn't it great! But I totally agree, what is up with those deer? I taught my horse to chase them, which is fun, but can now be a problem as he wants to veer off trail. Some of the bucks this time of year get pretty aggressive.

    No naked folks or unicyclists here. But we do have a woman who rides a steer! We also have fisherman, and entire boy scout troops with clanging canteens and my favorite: rafters who HIDE under the raft thinking it a good idea. It's not.

    I love sharing the trail with the ultra-runners here. We just blast past each other, with a little nod.

    I don't think our horses need much desensitizing, the real world has done it for us. I have never encountered a pool-noodle fence in the forest, but maybe someday! Of course if we went to each other's forests, they might be idiots all over again!

  2. Wowza gee willikers. Sounds like you have a mock circus going on back there! Definite ingredients for an eventual bombproof horse, for sure! Keyword there being: eventual. Haha!

  3. So, uh, pool noodles.. I've never seen them in a *fence* format in a forest, but they're walking around with children quite frequently in the summer. And inflatable rafts and inner tubes, too. Never a fence though!

    Rides a.. steer?! Wow.

  4. Oh my goodness! You and Irish have painted quite the image of trail riding in California! None of that over here. At our park we'll get the rare mountain biker, hikers (some of them dressed in formal business wear which I don't really get, but I guess they're coming at lunch or after work? I wouldn't walk those trails in my nice work shoes) and people with dogs, sometimes off leash. Kind of boring by comparison, but not complaining! 😉 Yours are a fantastic way of developing an unflappable bombproof horse though!

  5. I'm hoping to compile a "strange shit from the trail" post with photos soon! Only catch: pony must be bombproof enough for me to take photos. We sure do get some bizarre stuff.
    Formal business wear? In a park?! Crazy.