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Bale bag update; convention notes; ACTHA year #2 — 3 Comments

  1. Music is the BEST for riding motivation! I am completely addicted and always play music when riding solo, whether on the trails or in the arena. There are some really cool wrap-around headphones that don't cover your ears that I love bc you can still hear outside sounds. They are called Shokz and you can find them on Amazon.

    Fetti is looking GORGEOUS!! I laughed at that picture of her tied to the tree. She looks so pissed!

  2. my first instructor had speakers in the arena and loved playing military drill music – and picked specific songs with tempos suitable for walk trot and canter. the horses would really perk up with the music too – and get all twinkly-toed haha

    glad you enjoyed the convention and actha even so much!

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