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Moving forward: the beginnings of a plan — 4 Comments

  1. i make diy smart paks too haha – they are way more convenient for the feeders. good luck with the lessons too – i hope the trainer will have some strategies to help the mare out!

  2. Oh boy, good point about the passing on the trail at speed- that's something I want to see/handle at home first before being out away at a ride! Sustained canter will definitely get pony into shape, good luck with lessons

  3. If you ever figure out how to ride at a 6 mph pace on that horse, solo, on your same old boring trails, for god's sake let me know. Dixie is just as pokey and obstinate as Fetti and I'd love some new tricks in the bag.
    … but the answer will probably end up being "do good dressage work" like everyone always says. Sigh.