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My Little Pony — 4 Comments

  1. Cute! But what is her My Little Pony name? I think Sparkle Butt might be fun, or Golden Heart to be nicer!

    Next year you can really do it up: get some after Halloween sale colored hair spray! Now my mind is thinking on what my horse could be as My Little Pony…I think he would want to be Major Sparkle, with some wings…

    • Sparkle Butt, definitely!
      I thought about trying to put Kool-Aid in her tail for a makeshift dye, and then I realized that we have to go through the river to get out to the park, and anything easy to get out with water.. will also come out in the river. Foiled! But perhaps her mane, next year.

  2. aw cute!! haha. also – was it just my imagination or did i see you and Fetti on horse nation’s ‘oh crap monday’ a couple weeks ago ?!? lol

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