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    • I love the pony even when I’m threatening to beat her. In all fairness, I knew the stubborn when I acquired her, so that’s totally on me. Not sure I’d do it for any other horse, though.

  1. I’m glad you waited her out. I predict that the next time the wait will be less until she realizes that she is not going to manipulate you that way any more.

    • That’s what I’m hoping! This is the first time we’ve been able to have the full discussion. Every other instance has ended with other folks showing up on the trail and/or the situation being unsafe (standing still in a blind spot in a bike-popular area.. not a good option).

  2. Good for you! I’m sorry she’s so stubborn, but glad that you’re even more stubborn than your horse! She’ll learn, but will probably always test you.

    I once spent an entire two hour trail ride going back and forth over a probably quarter-mile section so my horse wouldn’t jig home. Not what I’d planned for the day, but doing things on their schedule, “horse time” not human-looking-at-their-watch time is sometimes required.

    • Absolutely. Sometimes I love the stubborn streak, sometimes not so much.

      Not jigging home: that one may be next on our list when I have a free day and dry trails!

  3. yikes. i applaud your patience tho – i’d struggle with avoiding escalating the situation… hopefully it’s a lesson she’ll remember for next time tho!

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