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  1. i’ve been trying to get on and off from alternating sides recently too… mostly out of concerns for my mare’s back. it’s definitely an entirely different set of mechanics than we’re both used to! haha

  2. I also do off side mounting, and have done it for a long time, and I’m still stupid at it. Especially from the ground! But I’ve also been on parts of a trail that required it, so a good skill to have!

    Your plans sounds very reasonable, hope to see you at a ride! As for the truck and trailer, I saved for a few years and seriously shopped around and got an older truck and older trailer, they’re both great 5+ years later, and it was under 10k. I’m envious of the people at rides with their fancy rigs, but for what I do, it’s been great. So don’t lose hope!

    • That’s the plan for the truck and trailer 🙂 a few other circumstances have to change before it’s feasible to acquire both, but within a few years I’m hoping it will all play out nicely.

  3. Interestingly enough, I had a discussion with my physical therapist last week about mounting from the off side, and it confused him. I’ve done it before, I was on a trail once with Jet and getting on from the left side was impossible due to the rather abrupt drop off (luckily not particularly steep) on the left side of the trail. The only reason why I can’t do it now is my right knee doesn’t bend correctly to lift up to the stirrup (on the other hand, with a high enough mounting block, I could do it)

    Oooooh, future trailer fun! I’m sort of semi-trailer shopping now, with a goal of getting something this fall/late summer that my Jeep can pull short distances (6-10 mile radius of the ranch). I’ve looked at tandem axle single horse trailers on CL as I’m only intending to haul the Mitchster, but haven’t gone to see anything physically yet.

  4. I have a really hard time coordinating myself to get on from the off side. I can do it okay from a mounting block, but not from the ground. Granted, I can barely mount at all from the ground due to back issues, but the off-side is all sorts of ugly. Good luck on the trailer.

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