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  1. I need riding to keep me in shape. I gained 20 lbs when Nilla was injured. I lost it as part off a new years resolution and then injured my arm and wasn’t riding much. Gained back 15 of the 20 lbs. Now I need to loose them again. Same reason too. Nilla’s barely capable of getting through a 25 with me at a lower weight, she doesn’t need the extra lbs. So clearly I don’t have any advice as I suck at this, but I’m hoping the extra summer hours will help. I’m already riding a lot more.

  2. Having the migraines really is tough, as you don’t know when that will hit. Is there any other sport (other than riding) that you really like? That has worked for me, then fit in the other stuff if I have the spoons. For awhile I was Masters swimming with a coach five days a week. And I was just burned out (but in pretty great shape!). I settled for two mornings (5am, yikes), then hiking, riding and weights in front of the TV! I only ride at most two days a week (one weekday 5-8 miles, one weekend 10+ or speed).

    Another thing that helped is I got a stand-up desk at work. I stand up about 80% of the day (I find it easier to take phone calls and draw when sitting). I bought an inexpensive fitness tracker too (garmin vivofit) because it has a big reminder red bar when I’ve been stationary for too long. All helpful.

    Plus the usual: salads with yummy stuff for lunch, dinner a veggie burger/rice, always breakfast. Be sure you’re eating and drinking enough, the desire to cut calories can go too far and leave you without energy.

    I try to remember that finding happiness in your life (riding, whatever works), even if you are 20 pounds over what you’d like to be, is the best. Just getting out, moving, doing something fun, all that will contribute too. Good luck finding your spoons.

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