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Managing the anxious rider — 3 Comments

  1. oh, I can totally relate. Fat horse, not enough conditioning, ride quickly approaching. I’m gluing on boots so I don’t worry (worked great a couple weeks ago). As for thrush, have you done an oxine soak? Works great on stubborn thrush. (http://www.healthyhoof.com/articles/Thrush/ThrushRevisited.html) I glue on boats one day before, then remove them the day after, so only 3-4 days and haven’t had an issue.

    And I try to remember to breathe. That this will be fun eventually (just maybe not every moment). And one day at a time. good luck!

    • I think – unless her hooves look awful after the farrier comes out this week, which is still a possibility – I’ll have boots glued. I’m not confident enough to do the gluing myself but there’s a local trimmer who does a number of endurance horses and has glued before, so (hopefully!) he can come out next week and get her done right before we leave.
      We’ve done oxine soaks on all hooves, but not for days on end. If it’s not cleared up soon, I’ll give that a try again. I hate soaking feet in the dead of winter, this time of year it’s much easier.

      One day at a time, always!

  2. I have a few thoughts:
    1. Have you considered the Nail On Easyshoes? They’re annoying in that they don’t tend to stay on for the advertised # of weeks, but they will get you through a ride and I love not having to deal with boots.
    2. When the chiro was out last time, he popped a rib in on Nilla and asked me if she’d been coughing when ridden. I hadn’t mentioned it, but actually she had been coughing quite a bit. I just figured it was from the dust since the rain had stopped and the arena was drying up. So maybe do a chiro check on the coughing. It completely fixed Nilla’s coughing.
    3. OMG saddle fitting sucks. I have no advice. I’m at my wits end on saddles.
    4. Good luck at the ride(s).

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