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  1. Pentosan has made a big difference for Tristan. It took about 3 weeks into the loading dose to notice. I like that you can do it more often and that it’s relatively inexpensive – Tris is on every 3 weeks right now.

    • Good to know. I still might have concerns about appropriate cleanliness/sterilization at the barn, but I’m glad the option is there, and I hope we don’t need it.

  2. 20 is pretty good before needing first hock maintenance. I had Carlos’ hocks done at our barn by our very knowledgeable vet most horses I know do not require going to a clinic. They are very and quickly effective and not all horses need multiple injections a year.

    • Yes! I’ll have to edit and correct and rephrase some of this – by ‘multiple injections’ I meant over time, not per year.
      We don’t have anything resembling a sterile/clean area at our barn so I worry about the dust and dirt, but I’m glad the option is there if it comes to that.

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