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August lesson recap — 3 Comments

  1. aw don’t be so tough on yourself!! it’s super hard to get back into a new routine esp after a long break from lessons or step-by-step instruction while riding (esp on an unfamiliar horse in a new setting!). i have basically entire series of photos exactly like these of myself too. some are good, some are ok, and some make me seriously wish for the day when they can be considered the “before” pictures haha. hope you’re enjoying the lessons tho!

  2. OMG, you look…fine! Huge horse, different saddle, rusty on skills, I think you look good, and good for you to take some lessons! I truly should do the same. If you want to feel better about yourself come watch me try to trot a circle/oval/lump in the arena. I don’t even think I can ride without endurance stirrups. So good job. And what a tall, dark and handsome horse!

  3. Pictures are the worst, right? This is why I almost never take video. Because then I critique my every move. Don’t worry about the individual moments of bad posture. The over-all effectiveness of your ride is what you should focus on. And it looks like you’re doing well riding such a different horse.

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