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Quicksilver 50 — 3 Comments

  1. I’m glad to hear she’s doing better. Eugene was also overly hot at this ride and he’s done hotter rides. I think it’s just so late in the season that the horses have to much hair and don’t handle the heat well. I even heard one of the vets saying he hates late fall rides for that reason. I hope you figure out a solution for Fetti, but you could also just do 25s in the future. I don’t think you should give up endurance entirely.

  2. Good job on finishing! It sounds like a tough ride. Maybe she has some residual lung irritation from the cough? My last horse has hock problems but they were resolved when they fused. Try to keep your chin up!

  3. I’ve been mostly just reading, but I wanted to say I’m glad she’s doing better and I also think you should keep at it. You guys have made so much progress- offroading around the tree was fine, your hoof boots were good, she was well behaved and polite with no shenanigans. You should definitely keep it up, even if she can only do shorter rides for a while. That vet should know enough about horses to realize that everybody gets to ride the struggle bus sometimes, and it’s not the end of the world. Fetti’s not that old- two of the horses in the barn are over 20 and eventing at novice and training levels. An easy winter may be just what she needs, and when spring rolls around she’ll be back to her old self and you’ll wish she was this quiet. 🙂

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