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Winter is here — 3 Comments

  1. New reader so I’m not sure what else you’ve looked into for the NQR leg issue. I saw you use a chiropractor and obviously have the vet out but have you tried acupuncture or laser therapy? Especially the laser therapy, it’s a less invasive way to do… everything and I’ve seen it work well for mystery issues. (If you have, completely ignore this hahaha).

    • For this one in particular, this is going to sound terrible but I’ve mostly watched-and-waited — I haven’t gotten the chiropractor out because my schedule has been crazy, and the vet has been hard to reach (but if she gets worse, second vet will be out).

      I’d love to try either acupuncture or laser therapy but I don’t personally know anyone in the area that does it. I’ll keep my eye out!

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