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January: Lunging — 3 Comments

  1. If you’re wanting to teach ‘not putting head in the air’ but are happy for her to stretch down and out, I would suggest a chambon. I have used a chambon with 2 head-in-the-air arabs and it was great for teaching them to relax and stretch out and down. Another advantage is that there is no side-to-side restriction. Once they get used to doing things without their head in the air (or throwing it in transitions), if I want to teach going on a contact then I would think about side reins, which could be more suitable for that.

    A chambon only applies pressure when the head is raised. It applies pressure to the bit and the poll. If you want to know more about modifications needed for a smaller equine (they only seem to be available in giant size), happy to help – been there, done that, figured what not to do the hard way!

    • Ooh, that’s a thought. I would like her going on a contact – but I think I need to prioritize correct movement first. It looks like we’ll be spending the next month going in more monotonous circles. Finding and ordering one to play with. I may be asking you more questions, thank you!!

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