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Barn floods, commute misery. — 6 Comments

  1. Flood camp. Funny except it’s not! Damn, that is one flooded stable. And not enough time to dry out between storms. Enough already! Your commute sounds horrible, but I’m glad you have a good boss. I hope no more roads disappear! Just hold on and hope for an early summer…

    • Thankfully the barn dries out quickly. Once the river receded, we really were fine to take the horses back, it’s the humans that couldn’t make the time.. plus it kept raining, that too. Laugh, cry, sometimes both! Here’s hoping we all get a break soon.

  2. Ugh yes I have to drive over 17 tomorrow morning for work (luckily I work in the mountains and live on the other side so I don’t hit commute traffic + mudslide traffic) and am dreading it since it’s supposed to rain tonight. I also take 152 or 129 regularly and both have been shut down due to slides and flooding. Sometimes I drive all the way down to Aromas! Definitely ready for winter to be over. Glad Fetti is staying safe!! Hope you figure something out so your commute gets better!

  3. I’m so glad everything was okay with Confetti! I was wondering how your barn was managing with all that rain… The traffic has been HORRIBLE. I hope it lightens up soon… Or maybe we should all just quit our jobs?

  4. The rain seriously needs to stop. The flooding is just crazy. The roads are terrifying and I cannot imagine having to commute them daily. My barn isn’t quite so flooded, but a spring did form in our arena (and no I do not mean some run-off is going through the arena, I mean an actual spring has formed and is flooding the arena and causing a sinkhole. So I’m ready for the rain to quit it.

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