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  1. I’m so sorry it’s not clearing up. It certainly sounds like some type of COPD, though I’m not sure what your vet tested for. I know one horse with this who is well managed with wetting hay/living outside. I’d certainly want to get to the bottom of this, but I know the expense of testing, argghh!

    And your trails look as bad as mine right now, just with sandier dirt!

  2. My cob mare has COPD and it sure sounds like this. If it is, though, don’t freak out like I did! She just needed a month or so of Clanbuterol to clear things up, and since then we’ve been soaking her hay and feeding it in nets, which seems to have solved the issue. Vet said it could have been as simple as an allergy to something in one of the loads of hay we got, because a check up a year later showed no signs of any issues. As a side note, it did take a long time to diagnose her, because the cough and heavy breathing would come and go, and wasn’t apparent at a couple of vet appts.

  3. Aww. I’m sorry the breathing troubles are resurfacing. I hope you can get it under control and get back to doing what y’all do best. Hopefully you can get a long-term solution like T’s mare had.

    I have exercise-induced asthma and it’s really annoying when I’m hiking up hills. 😛

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