Confetti is a 1996 registered Haflinger mare out of a mellow Haflinger mare and by a feisty and athletic Haflinger stallion.  Her breeders called her “Squiggle”, likely for the “L” star on her forehead.

She had two foals by age 6 (2002), both colts sired by Friesian stallions.  She had some solid w/t/c training and jumped a bit.  Eventually, she ended up in California and flunked out of being a kid’s pony, as she had a little too much energy.

In May 2010, I started looking for a horse to lease nearby.  I saw Confetti’s ad, and wrote it off as a horse that would be long gone by the end of summer when school started.  Instead, I kept seeing her ad in June and July and even August.  Her owner and I connected, I drove an hour south, tried out this unfamiliar horse late on a summer evening, hopped off in the dark and was quite in love.

Initially, I kept my emotions separate and saw it as a good opportunity to keep her in shape for whoever would come along and want to buy her. I couldn’t afford a horse, she’s a lovely one, surely someone will pick her right up.  In fact, they did not, and I grew quite attached. Her owner was kind enough to gift her to me in 2012 when I graduated and found a job, for which I will be forever grateful.

‘Fetti is not an easy horse.  She’s a stubborn, opinionated chestnut pony mare who will never make it as a true beginner’s horse.  She is honest, though, and deigns to work with me the vast majority of the time.  So far, she’s happy enough figuring out this whole endurance thing with me; we’ll keep on going with that until one of us says otherwise.