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Fall Classic — 6 Comments

  1. Woohoo, pony go zoom! Well done and kudos on preparing/managing her for the quicker recovery.

    How much did you clip? I'm pondering a clip job for my guy…was going to do him yesterday but then it was rainy and cold and I though that would just be mean. Trying to find the proper balance between "won't overheat and die at 50" and "will have some coat left for after the 50". I usually body- or aggressively-trace-clip, but he'll be getting a real vacation this winter, so I feel like that's overkill…but I need to do it soon so he can grow out a little and not look _too_ attacked by weasels at the ride!

  2. I clipped the bottom half her neck down through her chest, back to just behind the front legs. I'll try to get pictures up tonight. It's a little more clip than I did last year, but still plenty (PLENTY!) of coat left so I don't have to blanket her for our lovely mild California winters.

    I'm pretty sure that had to play into her recoveries quite a bit. I didn't clip last year and regretted it in hindsight. We pretty much never train in that kind of heat at home, or if we do it's for maybe an hour with a lot of shade and cooler breezes.. I conditioned a bit more in the heat of the day, but not enough that I'd call her really prepared for it. Totally, totally worth it to do the clip job on her.

  3. Congratulations! You guys are truly kicking ass at this sport – it's not easy with a big-boned Haffie in 90+ temps, and you rocked it! (And one day you'll get to do a cold ride, and you'll laugh at your friends struggling to keep their Arabs warm – that's fun too!)

    Yay for the carrots helping! I learned that from Dave Rabe, who assured me on my first 50 that the little half-mouthfuls of grass the horses were grabbing was plenty to keep their gut sounds up, and of course he was right.

    Hahah, let me know how well your resolution to pack earlier/better works out. Three years later and I still come home from every ride thinking "next time I'm packing earlier and I'm packing better" and then all of a sudden it's Thursday night and I haven't even bought food yet, lol.

  4. In my case packing all the horse stuff the night before is progress! Not that anything else got packed then, but it was something.

    I would absolutely love to do a cold ride. I can't even express how awesome that would be. My timing thus far on cold rides has not been very good then.. two hot, one pleasantly comfortable. Pony is such that she would probably do just fine in the snow, while the rider would think it was awful. Someday!

  5. I should take you to Nevada with me. I'm a Snow God, it finds me no matter what. Wanna do the Derby? The 25 is pretty and not too hard!

  6. I would love to! I'm at the point right now where I will happily do just about any 25 if I can get the pony there.. a trailer is in my future, but it'll be a few years yet. All the Nevada pictures are so pretty and decidedly different from my forest over here.