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Share your barn blog hop! — 5 Comments

  1. LOL. Yep, that's a California barn right there!

    I'm holding off on the share-my-barn thing. I've still got to fix up stuff so I can share my horses' living space. And I'm not showing the old ghetto stuff.

  2. Very much a California barn πŸ™‚ Looking forwards to seeing yours too, I need to browse the rest of the list! I'm not really sure how to link back to the main list, but SprinklerBandit has all of them on her page.

    Yay, another Haflinger blogger! We don't really do cold out here at all. It was mid-40s/low 50s during the day and dropping to below freezing at night for a week or two in December, and we all thought that was pretty miserable.
    Some of the stalls have another wall in the middle, so there's extra shelter, but Fetti's done fine without.. which is good, I really don't want to add one! Plus it seems like she can move around more this way.

  3. I like your barn setup with your own tack and feed room. I had a similar setup at the first self-care barn I boarded at in FL, and loved it! The trails are GORGEOUS!!!