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Hello winter! — 4 Comments

  1. Get thee to REI asap, because they changed their return policy – you only have six months to return stuff now. 🙁

    Dude, grats on getting to your park in the rain! That road is a little scary – no room for error, not very good sight lines, eeeek.

  2. REI already visited! New boots were acquired last weekend since I was vaguely nearby.

    I won't take her alone in the rain 🙂 Tuesday was dry, and there's actually a few feet of real shoulder for most of the road. Except for the part where cars are taking up all of it, which generally sucks. There's another park fairly close that I'd like to get to more often, but I don't think that road has more than two feet of shoulder at best and even worse sight-lines. That one may not happen. But I am NOT going to go in circles for three months, even if we have to go on the highway!

  3. Much as I dream of someday cantering through the snow, I cannot imagine it's very much fun most of the time to ride in. My sympathies!