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Quicksilver 2014 — 9 Comments

  1. So happy for you guys! Fetti looks awesome this year – you're giving her exactly as much work as she wants, I think.

    "Ride with boots at least once" is such a no-brainer, and it's so hard for any of us. I kinda think the people who have to boot every ride have it easier than those of us who only boot for the long/rocky rides!

    Hope L&L are doing well today. Give Fetti a bite of something from me – and make it something GOOD, human. An apple, not a wisp of grass hay. πŸ˜‰

  2. What a great ride! I'm glad you were able to work Confetti through her tantrum; that sounded pretty epic. LOVED the photos! The ones of the fog are absolutely stunning. How did your friend's mare recover? Was she able to continue later or did she pull?

  3. congrats on completing a good ride – with some nice takeaways for next time. good job working through the backing evasion tho – sounds like it got a little dicey. and nice pics!

  4. Awww, thank you!! That means lots, especially coming from you. Two apples for the pony yesterday πŸ™‚

    L&L are much improved, with lots to think about and things to work on prior to their next attempt – and I think there will almost certainly be a second attempt.

  5. She pulled – it was a 30min hold, and she hadn't pulsed down by my out time, so that was that. Mare's doing fine, though, thankfully nothing major and there was nothing I could have done differently at the ride to avoid it.