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Bandos Trail Saddle review — 2 Comments

  1. Have you tried a freeform? My husband has one and loves it. I don’t particularly like it though. I have a Torsion, which looks a lot like your Bandos and I like it except if broke so I had to get a new one. I think you need to just find the one that works for you. I will say though, that no treeless is going to not shift when mounting from the ground on a roll polly pony. You’ll need a tree for that. I just deal with it and find logs, etc.

  2. I flirted with the idea of treeless saddles for a while, and tried 2 different brands on Mitch. I had the Barefoot for a while, which looked a lot like the Bandos, and it was a decent saddle, but that’s when Mitch started sidepassing sideways down hill (I suspect without a tree, he was feeling my seat bones– I’m the same height as you and weigh ~5 lbs more, but apparently I have a bony arse). I then tried a Sensation, which was a really nice saddle, and I had it for a decent amount of time (but then needed to fund raise for some pony shenanigans and well, it was the most valuable thing I owned so I sold it, and I haven’t had the funds to get a new one. Which puts us back in an Abetta endurance saddle. C’est la vie!

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