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More saddle woes — 3 Comments

  1. I think you have your solution! You should be able to put the saddlebags on your saddle, I have them on my dressage saddle. If you need more D-rings spend a little to have those put on. I have short billets on my dressage saddle and I like the longer girth better, it was modified when I bought it but not hard to do. I think that is one thing I love about endurance: everyone has something different that works for them, and no one cares if stuff matches. I’d be out of place in a show ring but that’s ok!

    I still think a pink saddle pad might be a fun purchase!

    • I think you actually meant to modify the saddle.. but that inspired me to think about seriously modifying the saddlebags, and that might actually work! I may have a Major Project on my hands, but if it means I can keep my saddlebags, that would be amazing!!

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