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  1. Im with you on the carbonation thing which is why I tend to not like beer as well. Not being a beer lover im a bad person to give advice….but lately I fins that some of the less sweet ciders go down very nicely post hot ride. My advice is to taste lots of drinks that friends bring to rides and you will probably find one that clicks for you eventually. Not that you have to drink of course! I just find it a nice way to socialize sometimes. Been loving the blog hop since its getting me over to other peoples blogs more.

  2. Do you have a sweet tooth? I do, which is how the first drink I really liked was white Zinfandel. It's called a blush wine and is usually not expensive. If you do end up liking white Zinfandel, you can branch out into chardonnay (white wine) and rosé wine (another type of blush wine). They are on the sweeter end of the flavor spectrum. Nowadays I find Zinfandels to be too sweet, but I still do like the others. When it comes to beers, you can usually find fairly accurate descriptions of their flavor online or on some restaurant menus. World of Beer was a great place for me to try different beers mainly because of their huge selection and the very detailed descriptions of the beers' flavors on their menu. Some beers are less carbonated than others also. And like Mel said: don't feel pressured to drink anything just because others do! 🙂