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  1. Holy … lookit all that mud!

    Kinda of strange how we’re in the same state, you live what …3 or 4 hours north of me, and our environments look completely different. here, it’s dry dry dry with no rain in sight (the forecast said maybe Wednesday, but it went from 70% to 60% and now is down at 40%) … El Nino is El NoNo here.

    Mitch is another one of those ‘ignore the polite rope wiggles’ kind of horses. Maybe it’s a Haffie thing but yesterday when he almost barged over the top of me when I let him graze, he got a pretty good fist to the snoot. There’s a reason why I use a lead rope with a popper. He usually behaves after that, although a few years ago, he was an unholy terror for a while, and I really had to buckle down, gird on my horsemanship panties and learn how to be a “boss mare” to a golden pony who lives in lala land.

    I’ve sort of gone through some interesting experiences lately with Mitch and the round pen. I’ve been mainly sticking to the trot, because I can keep him on the line, and keep him moving forward for the most part so he doesn’t break gait, and it’s easier to get after him with him being on the lunge line. Since my accident, and the fact that I can’t run or move very fast means if I do free lunge him, he usually gets to the other side of the pen before I do and breaks gait.

    • In fairness, the round pen photos are from a week or two back. Things are drier this week!

      It is definitely a Haffy thing. Why behave when you can be headstrong and politely ignore the human?!

  2. Nilla does the same thing with grass. There is no polite ask for her head back. She only responds to aggressive asks. It’s actually why I carry a crop on trail rides. She doesn’t need it to go faster, I need it to get her to pick her head up out of the grass.

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