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Ride Planning with Anxiety, one week out — 6 Comments

    • We’d been aiming for the two-day NATRC ride this upcoming weekend. Treeless is a Bandos Trail saddle, with reviews and photos and such to come in a week or so. It’s been difficult to find any good information on it online, so I’m working on a really thorough write-up.

          • Any chance you can substitute Wild West Endurance ride? I’ll be there starting Friday if you need anything, I also volunteer my crew/SO, he’s quite helpful!

          • I wish! It was a great ride last year and I loved meeting up with all of you. I’m still lacking in pony transport, though 🙁 I need a new job to be able to afford truck and trailer, and that is rapidly moving higher on my to-do list, even if I won’t be able to swing the actual purchase for a bit..

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