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First impressions post-injection — 3 Comments

  1. Woo! Go pony, go! Glad she’s got the pep back in her step and feeling good (except for the bucking tantrum). 🙂

    Could the huffing and puffing be related to trail dust kicked up by a lead horse? Has she ever had allergies? (I know it could be anything, but I couldn’t help myself.) Hmmm…someone needs to invent Insta-Vet powder. That way you could just add water and mix up a packet of Insta-Vet on the trail, and get a quick exam when the pony’s actually showing symptoms. 😉

    • I suspected allergies when it first presented last year, and I have definitely not ruled it out! I’m doubtful it’s trail dust simply because when we’re going slower behind our other trail partners, we’re always last, and there’s *more* dust since there’s often a gaited horse involved.
      One of my “how far should we ride competitively” mental checklist questions involves “how often and how aggressively has she tried to buck me off recently” 🙂

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