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Breathing, vet assessment — 7 Comments

  1. Not that I hope she has allergies, but I hope you have a diagnosis and it’s a treatable one. My vet said some horses can shed out normally and still have cushings (or at least the early onset version of it), so there may be something there.

    • Oh, absolutely, she would not be the first one I’ve seen to have Cushings without a weird shedding pattern. That’s just the second-round guess instead of first 🙂

  2. The Hydroxyzine isn’t aerc legal, though my vet did try to argue it was okay. He really didn’t understand the difference between endurance and other sports that allow it. It did help mine though so I hope it works for her also. He had breathing issues, runny nose and eyes.

    • Excellent, thank you, I’ll plan on not-competing til she’s withdrawn from both meds then. I have fingers (and toes, and all other crossables) crossed that we get some good results!

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